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Why Website speed is important??

We live in a fast-paced world. And page loading is obviously an important point of any user’s experience as everyone expects quick results. It is a real fact that if your site doesn’t load with in two to five seconds, most of the users will definitely leave. So speed matters a lot.


Usability studies also states that users hate slow loading websites and applications. The rise of demand in phone has also made the website speed up more important. So the faster your website loads, the better chance you have to win over customers.


Measure your website:

There are many web-based tools available over the internet that measures your site speed.


  • Page speed: It was created by Google. It evaluates the complete performance of your site and gives detailed suggestion for increasing page speed.


  • Site speed report by Google analytic: It allows you to measure the load time across your site. It provides the number of seconds it takes to load your website.


There are many benefits by having a faster loading website, including a better user experience and better search engine rankings.


  • Slow loading speeds cause users to press the back button: You spend lots of amount and time to have your website look on front page of the Google, but what’s the use if it takes much time to load. So don’t make your visitor press the back button.


  • Slow speeds makes less money: The more visitors you lose, the less chance is that you have converting those visitors and making money.


  • Conclusion: Building and maintaining a fast running website is really crucial. Ditch what ever you don’t need. Run new features that what ever you think that benefits your site.

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