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Why Responsive??

What is Responsive actually??


Responsive is something that a lot of designers talk about. It is a web designing approach aimed to craft sites to provide an optimal viewing experience. It provides the same layout in all devices irrespective of platforms with best browser compatibility.


Why Responsive??


A mobile device has really revolutionized the whole world. The demand for computers has been reduced after Smart phones came into existence. They include many features which makes easy to operate and made life more comfortable.


As the world is going on, there are new technology devices emerging day by day with more and more advanced features. One cannot code for each and every device so it is important that sites have to become flexible. Responsive design offers the same layout and display a site based upon the device it is presented upon.


The more flexible is the information, the more variables there are to manage. We need another way of keeping responsive thing manageable as we have no control on the little things emerging day by day.


Responsive design uses media queries based upon the screen size to apply CSS rules. It is a way to use fluid grids, flexible images and media queries to build a site that delivers a similar experience. It keeps the things standard across multiple viewing formats.




  • It ultimately saves the time.

  • It is faster.

  • Displays the content relatively similar in every device with better browser support.

  • Reduced need for platform specific applications.

  • In turn increases the conversions.

  • Elastic layouts for new screens.

  • One can have a better mobile using experience.

  • Changing content on your website will automatically optimize layout on all devices.


At Xhtmljunkies, we have highly experienced and knowledgeable web designers who offer cost-effective responsive layouts along with decent look and easy to use apps.


Our key features include the following:


  • We smartly present design on all devices: Our team of professional web designers are capable of designing the sites that best fits in all devices across all platforms.


  • Easy to surf on a smart device: We provide such a best site that one cannot feel difficulty to surf on any smart device.


  • Mobile friendly website: We provide responsive websites with wide screen support options irrespective of the device you are using. Our services are extremely user friendly and mobile friendly.


  • Smart output for smart devices: Responsive web design offers more than a just simple mobile template, which is highly compatible to display on smart devices.


  • Responsive design is now future: Responsive design seems to be a strong contender in future as it is the best way to increase efficiency as well as saving much of our time.


Our strategy: Here at Xhtmljunkies, we offer the result-oriented services to the customers. Our team of web designers provides the best responsive designs within a short span and at more competitive price. We believe that customer satisfaction is prior in business. We are available round the clock.


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