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Why People Migrate From ZenCart to Magento

In the most recent times, people have been using Cart-to-cart migration services as it saves lots of time and is much easy to migrate from one site to another. Migrating from Zen Cart to Magento seems to be really compelling and also the cost is very competitive. Cart2Cart provides a great service to the owners who wants to migrate their existing shop data into a Magento store. There are many reasons that why people migrate from Zen Cart to Magento. Magento has more features and great deals that looks more professional than Zen Cart. But it is difficult to customize unless the user is well-revised with it. Also it requires high levels of web development skills where as other platforms are more simple and requires less experience.


Well, lets discuss about the pros and cons that why Magento is more demanding than Zen Cart.


  • Zen Cart does not support multiple stores from one interface where as Magento can do.


  • Magento is iphone-capable where Zen Cart isn’t.


  • Magento has complete page content management where as it is limited in case of Zen Cart.


  • It also provides high levels of security than Zen Cart.


  • Zen Cart doesn’t supports email management as Magento can do.


  • Magento offers product comparison as Zen Cart doesn’t.


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