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Why CakePHP is More Popular

Most of the developers want to expand their skills of development and reduce the coding. CakePHP offers tools and logics to save a lot of repetition in the code. CakePHP is a system of open source customisation. It is very fast and easy to install and is more robust open source framework. It provides an extensible way for developing, maintaining and deploying new applications.


With CakePHP, one can get a highly secured website which is both cross browser compatible as well as search engine optimised. It is highly preferred by all professional programmers due to its most stunning key features. It does not require any configuration except the database connection and all of the other settings are auto-detected. CakePHP framework comes with CRUD functionality which provides easy management of data. It is not only flexible but also more reliable and tested tools for programmers.



  • Highly compatible with PHP4 and PHP5.
  • Comes with built-in view helpers for HTML, JavaSrcipt and AJAX forms.
  • Does not require Apache configuration.
  • Fast and flexible templates.


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