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Types Of Online Article And Blog Writing: Which One Is For You?

An article is a literary piece that conveys detailed information which is used for delivering news, research papers, or academic dissertations. While a Blog is more like a personal journal accompanied by facts and opinionated approach. The main difference between a blog post and an article is the length. Though the themes of articles and blogs can be same. Though the writing formula for both of these is the same, as an article or a blog post includes headline, body and conclusion.

Articles usually comprise of news about political affairs, sports or history. It quotes people, such as celebrities or other famous personalities. And cites references from other literary pieces such as books, or old newspapers.

While Blog is a weblog that’s commonly an online journal, memoir, or experiences regarding different aspects of lifestyle. There are many types of blogs and articles, some of them are as follow:

Type of Articles

  1. Essays, usually imbricating academic papers.
  2. Scientific Papers are articles written for scientific purposes.
  3. Marketing articles are written to tempt people into buying a product, as it’s a form of advertisement.
  4. Listicles are articles that contain lists. Some examples would be rankings, commodities, or services.

Type of Blogs

There are many different type of blogs, but these are most famous:

  1. Tutorial blogs are written in order to teach How Tos of a product or field of work.
  2. Lifestyle and fashion blogs are written for people who want to follow trends and services.
  3. Fitness and sports related blogs are written for readers who are solely invested in exercises or sports.
  4. Gaming related articles are written about gaming, games and software development.

These are different types of blog and article writing. But which one do you think would suit you the best? Let’s discuss them a bit further

Article Writing

Articles are usually associated with news and reviews. Usually articles’ word count revolve around 1500-2000 words. As mostly written news articles provide a deep insight into the current affairs, politics or sports. While reviews provide in-depth analysis of a product, event or film. However, academic articles are about essays on different topics that provide a general insight. And dissertations, also known as thesis or case studies argue and analyze written work of literature, such as books or poetry. Let’s talk about the type of articles we mentioned earlier:

Essays and academic papers are usually assigned by institutions and submitted by students. Scientific papers are articles researching and analyzing different aspect of science. Marketing articles promote and sell products.  While listicles are articles that provide lists such as Top 10 destinations England, application developer services Australia or movies to watch this summer.

Blog Writing

As for Blog-writing, it is a much mellow piece of literature, usually revolving around personal opinions. Usually Blog posts begin from 300 words and generally last around 600-800 words. Let’s discuss the type of Blogs, as mentioned earlier. Tutorial blogs usually deal with teaching a reader on how to use a software, or ride a motorbike. Some examples of such blogs would be websites that post tutorials about Photoshop, or electronic components.

Lifestyle and fashion blogs provide on current fashion trends and help the reader stay in touch with modern lifestyle. These blogs provide latest news and information about current fashion market and review products that are wroth buying.

Fitness and sports related blogs provide information about exercises and athletics and their How Tos, usually written by field professionals. These blogs usually include writings about workout plans, or exercise regimes for sportsmen. Also delivering sports and fitness related news. Whereas gaming related blogs discuss latest games, platforms and such. Now they are starting to become E-Sport blogs as it’s officially recognized by many countries as a competitive sport.

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In Conclusion

Blog and article writing are two different styles of writing. You can’t afford to be opinionated and write personalize pieces in article writing, whereas blogs set you free from any such boundaries. Articles require acute information and intensive research about certain topics especially if it’s related to politics, sports or history. Blogs only need you to sublimely put your experiences in a way that can help and draw people towards reading your blog posts.

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