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Why You Should Use WordPress Hosting As Your Blogging Platform?

WordPress is the most popular and open source blogging platform. It’s not only limited to blogging but also many of the websites these days are majorly built using WordPress. Getting started to your first website can drive you crazy. No matter, if you are an experienced developer or a newbie, at some point of time, majorly due to web hosting provider, it can put you in trouble. For example, if your website loads slowly, it can be disappointing to your visitors. And you may lose yourself to your competitors as well due to this reason.

An unlimited web hosting provider ensures your website loads quickly and serves you a better performance and more reliability.

You will need a WordPress hosting provider that will do justice to your website or blog. The one who is reliable and gives you guaranteed uptime is considered as the best. You no longer need to hunt for a good WordPress hosting provider, because MilesWeb serves all your WordPress hosting needs at affordable prices. Let’s discover why you should opt for this WordPress hosting.

Why MilesWeb for WordPress Hosting?

The topmost priority of any website owner while choosing a web host is- its customer support, guaranteed uptime, and refund policy. Undoubtedly, MilesWeb is one of the best WordPress hosting providers on today’s date. Their blazing fast servers and managed hosting service make it an ideal choice for choosing their WordPress hosting.

Uptime guarantee: For the company, your website is their highest priority and so with their tier-3 and tier-4 datacenters they are able to provide you the top-most uptime. They guarantee an uptime of 99.95%.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with their services due to any reason, you can get the refund of your amount. You can place your cancel request within 30 days of your purchase to claim for the refund.

Customer Support: It supports the engineer’s work round the clock to ensure your website is up and running all the time. They are available on chat, email, and telephone to answer all your technical queries. They operate 24/7/365 and are ready to assist you at any given hour.

Sponsorship and Partnership:

They are the first official partners of Jetpack in India. Their managed WordPress hosting plans have built-in Jetpack Premium and Professional features for which they do not charge anything extra. We are also one of the promoters of the WordPress in India- WordCamp. They sponsor and participate in all of their events held at the various parts in India.

WordPress Hosting Features:

  1. SSD Storage

  2. Jetpack

  3. Automatic Updates

  4. Pre-Configured WordPress

  5. Free SSL

  • SSD Storage

To boost your website performance by 2x, the servers are optimized with SSDs.

SSDs are the future of storage. They offer better performance than mechanical hard drives. They are faster and more reliable than the traditional hard drives. In SSD, the memory is stored using a magnetic disk with spinning drives which results in blazing fast server speed.

  • Jetpack

Jetpack allows you to fully customize your WordPress website with free tools and themes. It is a powerful toolkit that helps in securing, marketing and smooth designing of your website. It’s a prominent plugin created by ‘Automattic’ for WordPress. With Jetpack you get boundless features such as spam filtering, malware scanning, auto updates, auto social-sharing plugin and more. The integration of all the features at no extra cost.

  • Automatic Updates

No more hassle of installing updates manually to your WordPress platform, because the updates will be automatically for you. At the backend, your WordPress is updated to the latest version automatically. To ensure all your WordPress plugins are updated from time to time the technical professionals keep a track on the new releases and updates.

  • Pre-Configured WordPress

With pre-configured WordPress hosting, you don’t need to manually download and install any software on your platform. You’ll have your website up and running as soon as you buy WordPress hosting from. Your WordPress platform is pre-installed and pre-configured with the latest version and all that you need to get started with your website.

  • Free SSL

SSL is an important element of any website. It helps build your visitor’s trust on your site. To keep any of the information security between the web server and visitor’s browser such as credit card details, login credentials or other online transaction details, a secure socket layer is needed. An SSL caters encryption to any of the information that is exchanged between the visitor’s browser and the server. Once SSL is installed, the application protocol changes from HTTP to HTTPs. Also, the browser shows a green bar or a padlock once the certificate is installed.

The WordPress hosting plan has inbuilt free SSL for your WordPress websites to keep all your transmitted data secured. All the websites that belong to MilesWeb WordPress hosting are certified with SSL certificate without any additional price.

Plans and Pricing

MilesWeb cheap WordPress hosting plan starts from Rs. 69 per month. Yes, it’s as cheap as the price of a burger. The names of their WordPress hosting plans are derived with the royal names of Ace, Jack, Queen and King.

Each of these plans of WordPress Hosting is designed by keeping all types of website owners in mind.  Whether you are a beginner or a growing business website, our platform has covered you all. The Ace plan lets you host a basic blogging website with 1 GB of SSD storage and Jetpack free features. The Jack, Queen and King Plan are currently offering a discount of 35% and the discounted price is Rs.175/mo, Rs.302/mo, and Rs.503/mo respectively.

These plans start with the Jack Plan at the price of Rs.380 per month (discounted rate) and the Queen plan at Rs. 507 for a month. Both of these plans have all the features of Jetpack Premium plugin. The King plan offers you all the features of Jetpack Professional plugin at the price of Rs. 971/mo.

It is currently offering a discount of flat 35% on all of their WordPress hosting plans. All of these plans include plenty of disk space, number of email accounts free SSL certificate and Jetpack features. Get a Siteground hosting coupons today.

Please note- MilesWeb has different prices for different server locations (India, US, for their WordPress hosting plans.


These are some of the paramount reason why you should choose MilesWeb managed WordPress hosting over other hosting providers in the market. This hosting is fully managed which means you are only responsible for the content of the website, the rest of the technical tasks are taken care of by the web host. The most admirable feature of this WordPress hosting platform is jetpack- that provides all the bloggers and SMEs need to boost and secure their website.