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A Connected Watch with or without a Smartphone: What are the Differences?

Technology keeps evolving. Scientists are always looking to satisfy his curiosity and your additional needs. Phones, tablets, computers, etc. are always more and more efficient every day. From calling to the camera, from simple messages to video calls, nothing can surprise you more. Everything is possible. The smartwatch or connected watchor smartwatch is one of these innovations. Who says watch also says time display. Here, it is not simply the time that he can give you. Your sleep, your heart rate, your sporting routes, your calls and messages, now all of this is available on your watch. And yes, it is amazing. There are however two types of these gadgets among which the watches connected with a smartphone and the others not connected. What differences are there between the two?

How does it work?

The watch connected to the smartphone, as the name suggests, must work with a phone. Indeed, it is connected by Bluetooth or by wifi to your phone. It is through this connection that your entire phone is redirected to your watch. There is a real interaction between the two. The calls, messages, emails you receive are directly transmitted to your smartwatch. So without even taking out your smartphone, you can make calls and view your emails. The watch connects to the internet via the network available on your mobile.

On the other hand, the unconnected watch has a 3G or 4G SIM card. It can do the functions mentioned above on its own. Without using a telephone, it has its own internet connection and its own network via the SIM card. We can say that your watch has become your phone. This is not an exaggeration but a reality.

Is the performance the same?

The main reasons for the existence of a connected watch is to display the time, show you your calendar, record health and sports data, manage your communication and social networks, etc. You can access the internet through your watch, with or without a chip. It is happening everywhere. All of this is doable by the two watch prototypes. Both can meet the challenge expected of them. The only difference is how they work.

The one with a chip still has a GPS. It can locate you anywhere. Due to its independence, the smartwatch with integrated SIM must have several applications in addition to the ordinary one. Despite all this, the stand-alone watch can also work with a smartphone via its wifi or Bluetooth network. On the other hand, if the smartphone is not there, the connected watch cannot do any of this.

Where is the battery in this case?

The battery of a watch connected to a phone can last up to several days due to its use. Since it is rarely used, it consumes less battery. However, the watch with a SIM card is like your phone minus the width of your screen. Everything is done by this little device. It does the work of the phone and the smartwatch at the same time. Its battery will last less.

Independence and dependence

Naturally, the connected smartwatch still needs the phone to function well. All its applications depend on the presence of the latter. In addition, it must be compatible with the smartphone. It’s a bit of a hassle. There are smartwatches that work with any type of phone, but others like Apple’s only work with smartphones from the same manufacturer.

On the contrary, the watch with the SIM card no longer requires a telephone or other equipment to connect. It is self-sufficient. This is where its strength lies. You would no longer have to worry about laptop compatibility. You can give it as a gift to someone with a surprise effect. Indeed, you do not have to ask him for the brand of his phone. It’s more convenient.

It is not the same price

Obviously, a stand-alone watch and another dependent one will not necessarily have the same price on the market. The autonomous connected watch is more expensive. This is undoubtedly due to this autonomy. It is on its own while the other smartwatch is not self-sufficient. It’s just an extension of your phone, another part, even a device. Everyone makes them. As a result, its price is lower.

The exorbitant price of the unconnected watch is not only due to its stand-alone performance but also to its rarity. Scarcity increases the price considerably. You will have little chance of finding this watch because few sell it. Although a few factories are building it, it is not in great quantity. 


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