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How to Track Internet History on Cell Phone?

Internet history has got immense attention over the last few years. It is equally important for parents and employers these days because parents want to protect children from adult content and business owners want to know about the time-wasting or entertaining activities of employees. Therefore, business owners and parents are looking forward to getting their hands on the internet history of the on kids and employee’s cellphone devices respectively. If you are parents and employers and you want to track the internet history on a mobile phone then you need to get your hands on the cell phone monitoring software.

What is the cell phone tracking app?

It is a product particularly based on technology that is been developed and designed to track the cellphone device. It is best to set parental control on kids’ activities online in terms of the history of the browser and many other activities happening on mobile devices. You can install it on your children’s or employee’s devices and remotely upload the information about their browsing activities. Moreover, you can use tools like live screen recording, screenshots, email tracking, IM’s logs, IM’s voice call recording, keystrokes logging, remote monitoring, and plenty of others alike such as web filtering. It has a user –friendly interface that allows you to easily navigate its powerful features on the target device to track activities happened on the target phone.


Phone tracker software is fully compatible with all kinds of mobile devices and tablets running with the Android operating system. Moreover, it works secretly on the target device without the target knowing. It remains hidden on the latest versions of android 10 and with the above devices.

How to get & install mobile phone monitoring software?

If you are trying to know someone’s internet history or browsing activities on their cellphone device then you need to visit the official webpage of the TheOneSpy. When you have got the webpage then you need to get the subscription online. Moreover, check your email account inbox and get your hands on the received credentials in terms of password and ID.

In addition to that, you need to get physical access on the target device, and when you have it start the process of installation. When you have ended up with the installation process successfully then you need to activate it on the target device.

Now use the credentials in terms of password and ID and get access to the online control panel where you can find out plenty of powerful features including internet history. Let’s get to know about all the powerful tools of TheOneSpy phone surveillance software.

Use cell phone monitoring app powerful Features:

Internet history

Users can use the online dashboard and activate the browsing history. It certainly empowers employers or parents to visit all the browsing activities in such a short period. Users can get to know about all the visited websites, and bookmarked webpages with a time stamp.

Live screen recorder software

Users can remotely activate the screen recording app into the online dashboard of phone tracker software. It empowers you to record or perform live screen recording in terms of short back to back videos of the screen. You can record screen when the target person is using the browser, social messaging apps, keystrokes, text messages, call logs, and plenty of other activities and send the recording to the online web portal.


You can remotely capture screenshots of all the activities that happened on the target device screen including internet history. Further, you can schedule multiple screenshots at once on the target device and get plenty of screenshots.

IM’s logs

You can remotely get access to the target device using an online web portal to see the logs of all the installed social messaging apps and websites. In addition to that, you can get the logs in terms of text messages, chat conversations, audio-video call logs without root and last but not the least voice messages.

Remote surveillance

It empowers you to view installed applications names, block messages, incoming calls, and block the internet remotely on the target device.

cellphone surveillance software is the best tool for parents and for employers to track internet history on cellphone devices.