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Significant Practices for Text or SMS Marketing

If you are the owner of a business or you are in the field of marketing, it is obvious that you have already heard about the benefits that are associated with SMS marketing. This is an ideal communication strategy, which is also known as text marketing. SMS marketing is one of the favorites of most of the marketers because of receptive audiences, open rates, and successful promotions as they are delivered to prospects and customers on mobile devices, which they carry with them throughout the entire day. According to forbes, average individuals look at their phones almost 80 times each day.

According to various studies that have been conducted, 95% of messages that are sent to the customers or clients are going to be opened as well as read. SMS is one of the most basic functions that are present in every device and this is why it is one of the communication channels that are permanent. The first thing that your customers do as soon as they wake up is they look at the phones.

In case if you are interested in SMS marketing, you need to understand how you can incorporate the strategies into the campaigns that are already in progress. Before that, you should understand what exactly SMS marketing is.

The opportunity of SMS marketing

SMS stands for short message service and SMS marketing is also referred to as text message marketing. It is one of the simple but extremely powerful communication tools, which most of the organizations as well as businesses are using for sending promotional messages to the receptive users.

Organizations from various verticals, including retail, gaming, finance, healthcare, etc., are responsible for gaining success with the strategies of SMS marketing. Even the small businesses, like the florist businesses, are making use of SMSes for sending specials, coupons, and hot deals, directly to the mobile devices of the customers. You also have the option of sending SMS in local languages.

It is not a surprise that the advertising agencies started to adopt SMS marketing as one of the most efficient strategies of allowing the brands to connect personally with the consumers.

The SMS marketing jumpstart

There is no denying the fact that texting is responsible for boosting better immediacy as well as attention in comparison to the various methods of digital marketing. The benefits associated with successful SMS marketing cannot be denied. SMS has an open rate of 98%.

When you are creating a marketing strategy, you will understand that other methods of marketing are not silver bullets. However, SMS is capable of standing out in an ideal manner so that they can reach the customers.

Considerations of SMS marketing

65% of marketers from different parts of the world have reported that SMS is one of the most effective tools of marketing and you should try the tool out. To get started with SMS marketing, you need to consider the best practices.

Given below is a list of the practices that you cannot ignore.

Get permission

According to digital etiquettes, it is suggested that you send messages only to those people who have permitted you to do so. It is known as permission-based marketing. It is one of the most critical aspects of making the SMS marketing campaign successful. It is also important that your business is compliant and following the local laws, as this is going to protect your consumers from the solicitation.

Make sure that your users are being attracted and this can be done by sending SMS messages that have special offers, updates about various products, important information, contest entries, etc.

Consider brand-friendly shortcode

Shortcodes are 5 to 6 digit phone numbers that are crafted specifically for commercial use as well as huge mobile communications. You will be interested in using SMS on a grand scale for purposes of marketing. These shortcodes are going to be shorter than the typical phone numbers so that the customers can easily remember as well as type them.

Most importantly, these numbers have been optimized for marketing purposes. They are approved individually by wireless carriers so that the marketing messages are not blocked. You will also get the freedom of sending the messages at a better and faster rate in comparison to the regular phone numbers. Therefore, when you are providing several offers that are time-sensitive, thinking about shortcodes is going to prove critical. It is a good idea to talk to the professionals of a reputed business texting service to know more about SMS marketing.

Be clever, compliant, and concise

As soon as you see that your users are expressing interest in listening to what you have to say, you should not abuse this privilege. Whenever you are sending any message, it is your responsibility to remain clever and most importantly, you should remain brief. Make sure that you are providing offers that your customers cannot refuse or giving information that is going to matter. If you are not striking the appropriate balance, you are ultimately running the risk of opt-outs.

If SMS marketing is done in an ideal manner, your customers are going to give importance and attention to your texts. You also need to ensure that you are making the process of opt-out simple because if your customers cannot opt-out, they will start complaining and your business can be in trouble.

Ensure that you are associated with only the right keywords with the business

Apart from shortcodes and simple messages, it is your responsibility to choose relevant keywords. Ensure that you are choosing phrases or words, which will encourage your customers to engage and connect with your brand.

Strike conversations and respond to your customers

When you are sending text messages, you are making personal connections with all your customers. You are providing them with the opportunity of communicating with you and even going to provide their valuable feedback on the several products and services. They can start revealing how much they love the brand, start acting on coupons for making immediate purchases, and start productive conversations. It is your responsibility to make sure that they are engaged and to do so, you have to use auto-responders for instantly as well as automatically sending personalized messages.


There is no denying the fact that SMS marketing is currently being used by big and small organizations. It is suggested that you consider everything that has been mentioned above so that even you can start using SMS marketing.

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