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Love sofa
cs-bulletDesign integration along with Magento extensions.
cs-bulletPay4later:integrating Pay4laterextension in current magento site.
cs-bulletSecuretrading: Integrating secure trading extension in current magento site.
cs-bulletLinnworks: Integrating Linnworks extension in current magento site.
cs-bulletWho bought this: Integrating who bought this extension in current magento site.
cs-bulletClick to zoom: Integrating Moo Cloudzoom extension in current magento site to implement click to zoom functionality.
cs-bulletPay4later Extension customization for payment online as EMI.
cs-bulletFiltering option for products with in a particular range.
cs-bulletProduct delivering and time schedule for effective supply chain management.
cs-bulletSample order delivery to customers for a particular product.
cs-bulletLayered navigation enabled for website.
cs-bulletFeatured category listing for products.
cs-bulletProductDetail page customization.
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