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Key Elements Of A Responsive Website Design

People are getting busier each passing day. How do you grab attention then? Provide them with engaging experiences. When it comes to your online image, responsive web design is your friend in need. Responsive website design has many benefits. Especially the businesses for which online identity is equally crucial as their actual identity, the importance of a responsive website cannot be denied.

What makes a website responsive?

A responsive website is a site that has been designed with the capability to adapt with and be responsive regardless of the technology or device where you load it. Such a design can be demarcated in three key components. These are flexible grids and layouts, flexible media in terms of sizes and media queries in terms of styles and browser needs.

This article aims to introduce you to the key components of responsive website design.

Five key elements making up a responsive website design

Responsive website design is crucial for every business looking for an enhanced online brand image. When the pages load fast, and the content is readable, the user experience will be good, and thus the rate of conversion will be high.

Key components of responsive web design and architecture are as follows:

1. Navigation

The most important website element to incorporate responsiveness is navigation. Ever seen a website with different placement of its navigation bar and relevant elements when you switch from desktop to mobile? That is how the designer designed it, and the developer developed it to function. When you aim to make your website responsive, make sure that the navigational elements are capable of adapting to changes.

2. Columns

A responsive website requires responsive architecture and design. The architecture of your website needs to be scalable no matter which browser you load it on. It should adapt to all screen and window sizes. Websites often lose their value just because the website doesn’t rescale in a different number of columns when it is served on a different window size or a different gadget.

3. Call to action

When the visitor loads your website, give something for them to engage with. Ask them to register for your next event, or fill a survey form. You may even ask them to visit your brand outlet for the upcoming sale. All these actions messages can be referred to as a call to actions. An effective call to action is an essential element of a responsive website and are usually helpful in improving conversion rates. These need to prominent and displayed adequately regardless of the device, browser, and window size.

4. White space and padding

White space and its adequate usage on a webpage make a lot of difference. It allows you to display the adequate and appropriate amount of information on your page. The white spaces basically define all the sections and elements of every page of your website. There shouldn’t be too much white space there, but its presence is important for setting apart each component of the page from another.

5. Branding

Your business website reflects your brand. If you want your brand to be visible and approachable from any web browser on any screen size, you need to implement the components of responsiveness in it. Make sure to have a flexible grid with moving and scaling elements suitable to all kinds of server screens. You can find some branding related topics on Shifted News.

How to incorporate the responsive design on your website?

In order for you to incorporate the responsive website design and architecture in your business site, you need to first grasp and prioritize the benefits that it offers for you. A responsive site is mobile-friendly, increases the rate of conversions, enhances brand image.

But you cannot achieve all of this by yourself. Neither do you want to divert all attention and energy towards the responsiveness of your website when there are plenty of other aspects of your business that you are managing? Instead, you need to prefer to get the services of a web development company in Dubai and get a fully responsive website with an adapting design and architecture.

You will thus have a website with appropriate branding, adequate white space usage, and highly scalable navigation and columns. So prioritize the website responsiveness now and seek professionals.

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