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How to integrate online payment mode in the food delivery business mobile app?

With the digitization of most markets and industries, things are nothing like the word ten years ago. The food industry is no different. Even though fine dining restaurants remain in business, food delivery platforms have taken the world by storm. These applications that deliver food right down to your doorstep have gained increased popularity during the current Novel Corona-virus pandemic. Because of the lock-down measures people are not stepping out of their houses and are ordering food online with the help of these applications.

Food Delivery Mobile App Development

These applications are developed by trained professionals who take care of several aspects of the process. Online payments are an important aspect of Android app development Company. Let us see how the online payment API is integrated into these applications.


Irrespective of your payment provider, you will need a certificate to complete payment processes. For this purpose, the food delivery business app must have an information system that stores the card information of the user. This should comply with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). In case there is an issue with the system, the concerned authorities will inform you about it and suggest ways to fix them. After necessary changes are complete, your company will be audited by a Security Standard Council certified by the PCI (Payment Card Industry). You will receive certification based on the report of this council. Once you are certified, your food delivery app development process is good to go.

Different Types of Merchant Accounts

Any payment processing tool offers two varieties of merchant accounts.

1. Aggregated Merchant Account

This is used by most business houses. It undertakes an easier approach to the payment gateway integration in mobile applications. The aggregate merchant account stores the money of the customers and all the other information which they are required to provide.

2. Dedicated Merchant Account

This is suitable for individual business owners. However, the costs of a Dedicated Merchant Account is more. Since it offers advanced features and is best suited for individual transactions, a dedicated merchant account requires a considerable amount of investment. The features of a dedicated merchant account include quick processing of money transfer and adjustment of customer requests.

Integration of Debit/Credit Cards

Most payment gateways allow the customers to complete the transaction using a credit or debit card. For this purpose, the online payment API of the mobile phone is used. Even though the integration of credit and debit cards makes it extremely easy for users, it is a complex process on your part. It has several disadvantages. Some of them are as follows:

This process does not support all payment methods and some problems might be faced by the merchant because of this reason. For example, the process of tokenization is not supported because it does not come with an authenticated environment.

After the API is integrated, the security of each digital transaction is your responsibility. Therefore, you have to make the process of payment integration API safe and secure. Any hacking or fraud of the data of the customers will be your responsibility.

Payment Card Industry Integration

Most on-demand food delivery app development has this aspect built-in. It offers safety and the entire process is very simple for customers. The Payment Card Industry offers top-notch security and many gateways including Brain tree and Stripe use this system. There are plenty of advantages of using a PCI interface. They are as follows:

  • ⇒The solutions of a PCI are comprehensive and local.
  • ⇒A Regularly updated library is maintained by a PCI system which operates on both iOS and Android devices
  • ⇒The card data is fully encrypted. However, this leads to additional costs.

Software Development Kit

UPI payment integration in Android app is a complex process and requires technical expertise in several aspects. However, the process is made easier by using Software Development Kits. This simplifies the application architecture and is used by most payment gateway providers for food delivery platforms.

Most common advantages of using the Software Development Kit are as follows:

  • ⇒The SDK connects to the per-existing functionalities and features of food delivery platforms with ease.
  • ⇒They come with several libraries developed for respective mobile platforms which can be downloaded and installed from the official web pages.
  • ⇒These libraries form an important aspect of software support and maintenance. They control the entire operation of the payments transaction. The libraries also store detailed information about the customers.
  • ⇒SDK libraries serve as an alternative to a PCI certificate. Therefore, you don’t need to go through the trouble of getting one.
  • ⇒The security of the customer data is guaranteed by the platforms, thus making transactions simple and convenient.

Therefore, integrating online payment API in food delivery applications is an important aspect of the whole process and consists of several key points which need to be focused on. Getting the best app development services is essential to make sure that everything works perfectly.

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