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10 Marketing Automation CRM Tools in the Beauty Industry

No doubt that marketing has become quite important in the beauty industry.

As the number of customers grows up, landing on the latest marketing techniques & strategies becomes a requisite factor. This is why the leading salon owners spend a lot of their valuable time trying out the latest marketing tips & trends.

But how long implementing marketing tips will help measure or target the desired clientele base and generate better revenue? Don’t you think it’s a waste of precious time and you look forward to simply or automating this time-consuming process?

“The marketing automation tools are the best solution for this time-consuming & daunting task”!

The marketing automation tools, generally known as Salon marketing software can make your job far more painless, so you and your salon staff members can concentrate on other ventures that drive profits.

You will definitely be curious to know the marketing automation tools. Have patience!! For you, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 marketing automation tools. All these tools hold infinite features and automated workflows that do not just reduce the headache for salon marketing but also help generate better conversions.

So, put your deep focus on reading the article and enjoy it thoroughly!

Table Of Contents

  • Salonist
  • Zenoti
  • Phorest
  • Shedul
  • Salon Iris
  • Booker
  • Mindbody
  • Rosy
  • Vagaro
  • Simply Book.me
  • Final Remarks:

1. Salonist

The first and the most trending marketing automation tool nowadays is Salonist. The leading salon owners who want a seamless way to manage their salon’s inventory and online appointments hassle-free are using salonist software and are so satisfied with its automated features. Believe us, when you use this excellent marketing automation tool for your salon, you will see your business thousands of times heading to growth more than ever.

The power of the tool is such that you don’t even have to get worried about managing the payrolling, billing history, and retaining your valuable clients. It will automate everything to you with its robust automation features.

To help you decide wisely why you should use it, we have listed some of its amazing benefits.

  • – It helps expand business, elevate revenue, and intensify brand visibility.
  • – Thoroughly handles all aspects of your salon business from monitoring reports to inventory management, book online appointments to satisfying the customers.
  • – Advantage of seamless payment feature.
  • – Effectively eradicate long waiting queues and maintain your business time productively.

2. Zenoti

Automate your salon marketing with Zenoti’s Smart Marketing features and see the difference!

Zenoti is one of the most trending marketing automation tools that has earned great appreciation and popularity in the beauty industry to overcome the hardest marketing challenges. If you are a salon owner who doesn’t know how to utilize limited marketing resources & maintain consistency in your business, then it’s time to try Zenoti. It will help you digitize & automate all of your salon activities in the best way possible and you will lead to attracting more customers, better revenue, and optimum results.   

Here we have listed below amazing key benefits of using Zenoti that will clarify more about why you give it a try!

  • – Using AI, the Zenoti helps make every decision the right one for your business.
  • – It takes care of all aspects of your salon business, so you can only concentrate on helping your potential customers.
  • – Besides, it helps you distinguish salon market opportunities and empower your ideas to grow.

3. Phorest

Meet another one of the best marketing automation tools that has made the salon owner’s life stress-free. Trusted by Over 90,000 salon and spa professionals, the Phorest automation tool is highly dedicated to achieve the two significant areas of Salon’s growth. The first one is to improve the average spend and another one is getting more clients back.

This ultimate tool manages the salon’s staff data, stock inventory, POS, and customer information in a safe, cloud-based space so you can get back to making them feel safe and pleased.

Here are some of its outstanding benefits that help you decide wisely on why you should opt for your salon business. 

  • – It helps take & manage appointments over the call or online through your salon’s official website, booking app, social media platform, and catalog them all in one place.
  • – It helps you connect with your potential customers in a far better way and improve their overall experience by exploring the venerable features.

4. Shedul

If you’re looking for a simple, flexible, and powerful booking software for your salon business, then Shedul has no match! This marketing automation tool is suitable to maintain flexibility, simplicity, and robustness in your salon since it manages all important aspects of your business in a handy and hassle-free manner.

From online bookings to send automated reminders, track daily appointment activities to maintain client relationships, and simplifying the point-of-sale system to give customers an engaging experience, this software has become the most trusted alternative for the beauty and wellness industry.

Give it a try and enjoy its unlimited benefits. Through some of them, we have listed below!

  • – Very simple-to-use, powerful, and free.
  • – No credit card & trial required.
  • – Zero stress for attracting customers! Around 80% of appointments are booked online directly by customers.

5. Salon Iris

Here comes another marketing automation tool that can help you save time & cut down on no-shows by up to 40% with advanced automated features. It’s salon Iris!

This software helps boost client engagement by sending recurring texts,  improve sales value by upselling products, and most importantly send promotions to potential customers. That’s quite daunting if you do it without any automation. What’s more? Its integrated credit card processing simplifies checkout and helps customers enjoy a great level of customer service.

Here are some of its potential benefits that are also vital for you to know!

  • – Easy salon management.
  • – It helps set up employee schedules in seconds and takes away the pain of payday.
  • – Elevate the personalized client relationships experience with two-way Text communication.

6. Booker

Booker is another one of the excellent marketing automation tools in the beauty industry that help in simplifying the online booking, payment, customer management, and overall marketing process. It reduces all of your salon management hassle so you can focus on attracting and managing your potential clients only. 

Using this software, you can make the online appointments process quite easy as your customers can directly book online education jobs through their mobile phones or from social media 24/7. Apart from attracting customers, it also manages data with its outstanding tracking and reporting features.

Have a look at some of its other interesting benefits and then wisely when you should try it out!

  • – It provides ultimate solutions to manage your salon business and help overcome challenges.
  • – Help saves time and improves the number of online bookings for your salon services.
  • – It also helps retain customer relationships in the best ways possible and thus, boost your revenue.

7. Mindbody

When it comes to choosing the best marketing automation tools for the beauty industry, Mindbody always stands out from the crowd. Due to its high-end marketing automation features, it has become the best salon software for the next epoch of wellness. Specially designed with your salon business in mind, this software is a one-stop solution for seamless & integrated business applications.

List your salon business on the Mindbody app today, where thousands of customers find & book online salon services and let it get visible by as many as possible.

8. Uteach

This is a website builder for people who want to share their knowledge, experience, and skills, regardless of their industry. Many makeup artists use this platform to conduct online pieces of training and even provide certificates. Accordingly, they reach a wider market and more people learn about their useful material as well as valuable services.

Here are some of its key benefits. Don’t overlook them, if you actually want the best software for your business.

  • – It helps attract and keep more potential clients.
  • – Send personalized email & messages on a planned schedule to grab clients’ attention.
  • – Help reward clients for customer referrals.
  • – Securely process payments and answers queries just like your salon staff would.

9. Rosy

Undoubtedly, Rosy is another one of the powerful, trusted, and most loved marketing automation tools. It helps in easy salon scheduling at your fingertips by managing client appointments in just a few clicks. Rosy is also famous to keep your salon’s business on-track with automated emails, messages, and reminders features.

If you want to increase salon productivity and provide your potential customers the convenience they deserve with an easy online appointment booking, then the Rosy app is worth trying.

Some of the outstanding benefits of it are listed below.

  • – Eliminate No-Shows
  • – Manage your salon business hassle-free
  • – It Works 24/7

10. Vagaro

Let’s meet another powerful scheduling and management software for your salon business that is rocking the beauty industry. This fully integrated and automated tool is perfect for book appointments online, accept payments, and run everything directly from the Pay Desk.

With a transparent user interface, Vagaro has won the hearts of so many leading salon industry owners looking to provide their customers with the best customer service experience. Customers can have the full rights to view a decline of their checkout, apply a tip, and pay the service charges without any mess or delay.

Put an eye on its benefits to know why it is most in-demand these days.

  • – Boost your salon’s efficiency.
  • – Integrated with social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp.
  • – Easy customer tracking.
  • – Reduce No-Shows & booking confirmation calls.

11. Simply Book.me

It’s never been a difficult job to define your salon services and display your availability to your potential customers. Using Simply Book.me, the best Salon marketing automation tool, you can take your salon business to the next level.

This software is best for scheduling online salon appointments, meetings, and membership classes. The best thing about this automation tool is it can be easily customized according to the salon business needs so the salon owner, staff, and customers can access it without any hassle.

 Read on to its best advantages and have more understanding about this tool.

  • – Accept online bookings in no time.
  • – Secure communication is there.
  • – Integration with social media and google my business.
  • – A wide range of payment gateways is available.

Final Remarks:

All of these 10 marketing automation tools are well trusted by the leading salon owners. If you want to take your salon business to the peak heights where it can generate better revenue and conversion, then it’s time to use one of them. All are highly rated to give businesses the optimum results they expected! 

Needn’t think more, just make up your mind and think of using the best automation tool. It may be the right time to grow your business!

If you have doubts regarding the article or any suggestion to discuss, then don’t hesitate. Comment below.

Thanks for reading!