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10 Biggest Technology Trends To Watch Out in 2020

As we have entered in 2020, the next stage of digital evaluation is all set to add the breath of fresh air to your business and help you get ready to conquer the future market.

Before getting your hands on these latest technologies, ask yourself, whether your business is ready to integrate all these technologies. If yes, then get ready to welcome the new range of technology trends in 2020 that can transform your business in unpredictable ways.

You must be wondering what’s so different about the new age technologies and how they can benefit your business?

And if you think that these trends are only for the leading brands of the industry, then you are mistaken at this point. Whether you are a bootstrapper or leading enterprise, these new technologies have become an urgent need of an hour for all size businesses.

Let’s pour into the Top Technology Trends in 2020

1. Blockchain: Creating a Centralized Decentralized System

Gone are those days when you need to hire intermediates to manage the data flow on the third-party cloud servers. The forecast from the Gartner report represents that the anticipation of the blockchain technology will help you generate $3.1 trillion business value by 2030.

Let’s understand the concept with the example of Bitcoin. Did you know what makes it successful? Yes, the decentralized ledger technology and sophisticated architecture that make the entire transactions secure and transparent.

Companies ranging from eCommerce, supply chain management, cryptocurrencies, marketplaces and more are shifting their transaction process from traditional transaction modules to decentralized peer-to-peer systems. The primary reason to integrate blockchain in app development brings visibility in data, minimize the cost of transactions, eliminate the limits for value exchange, ensure high security and maintain the privacy of the user data.

2. Internet of Things (IoT) Are Becoming More Attractive

The Internet of Things has revolutionized the way we live and access the thing around us. From tracking your health records to advancing the farming process, IOT converting every object into smart devices.

You must be wondering how this technology works?

Basically, IoT collects the user data through environmental sensors and devices and then processes the data through a cloud server. Due to the advanced features of IoT, it proves to be future software technology in 2020, especially in the healthcare sector.

3. Let’s Chat With Chatbots

Empower your website with virtual agents that never sleep and allow you to deliver 24*7 customer care services. Chatbots are the latest technology trends in businesses as they simulate the human way of conversation to help users meet their requirements.

Chatbots can replace the traditional customer care support with the auto-AI-driven chats and allow users to interact with businesses seamlessly in the same way as humans do even in the absence of humans.

Rest there are top Software Development Company dedicated to developing AI applications to streamline the communication process and ensure business an efficient approach to handle user’s queries.

4. Welcome to M-Commerce

Have you been still designing your application with all those traditional payment systems, including credit/debit cards? It’s time to know about M-commerce!

While innovative technology is transforming every move of our life, why to stay connected with old payment modules. Today, a considerable amount of customers have quit using credit/debit cards and making payments through Google Pay, Apple Pay and several other payment methods that are ultimately giving a strong push to M-commerce.

Also, wearable devices are contributing to M-commerce and making the entire process much more accessible and intuitive for people.

5. Beacon Technology Is On The Rise

Beacon Technology has already paved its way in the field of Hospitality and Healthcare and connecting offline and online world together.

With the help of this technology, beacons can help you reach customers with the help of battery-operated wireless devices that transmit Bluetooth signals to nearby smartphones.

6. 5G Technology To Minimize the Bounce Rate

No matter how brilliantly your app is built, if it takes longer loading time, users will quickly either uninstall the application or bounce back to another application. Accessing the application with the lagging loading time will make your user frustrated.

However, 5G is one of the most advanced mobile app trends in 2020 that would definitely change the way users access the applications. With the power of fastest networks, they provide speed in the hands of users to accelerate the app loading time and transfer the user experience into an excellent experience.

The businesses like Verizon, Samsung, are already set to welcome this latest technology and launch the chip with 5G-capabilities.

7. Augmented/Virtual Reality

With the introduction of the Pokemon Go app, AR/VR technology has become one of the most demanding app development trends in various domains.

Software Companies in UAE, have a unique team of developers well-versed with the AR/VR technologies and specialized in developing UX/UI design of the app that perfectly fit for their AR/VR based applications.

For example: if you want to develop a jewelry app, AR/VR technology is a perfect fit for you. Allow your customers to virtually try the piece of jewelry to get the look and help them make an instant purchase decision.

8. Low Coding Is The Best Coding Trends

Low coding is one of the top technology trends in 2020 that seems like changing the culture of coding in app development.

When it comes to the development cost of an application, whether it is for the Android/ iOS platform, a major segment of the cost depends on the time and complexity of the app coding. The longer and complex the coding process the costlier your application will be.

While the cost of the app development is continuing to increase, the primary focus is now shifting to low or no-code solutions. This will not only minimize the cost of the app development but also reduce the complexity of writing the complex codes in different programming languages.

9. Voice Search in the Latest Trend

With the birth of Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, voice search has become the latest trend to be adopted in the mobile app development process. With the launch of voice assistance, people are getting fond of talking and bossing around their devices to perform their tasks with just a voice command. And this trend has started with Siri and steadily becoming the most demanding feature in the mobile apps.

The impact of this app will not only be on the end-users but also on businesses levels. Moreover, with the integration of Voice searches, businesses can double their sales and can witness a noticeable shift in their annual revenue.

10. Hyper-Automation

Earlier you must have heard about the automation that involves the technology to automate the tasks that once performed by humans. However, the concept of hyper-automation deals with the advanced level of technologies and encourages you to make AI-driven decisions.

Hyper-Automation involves the unique combination of tools, including AI, Business Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, and more in order to increase the possibility to make AI drive decisions. Hyper-automation is the latest technology trend in businesses as it helps enterprises to visualize how it will process, function and perform in the future.

Ending Note

When it comes to mobile applications, it has an 18.6% market share, and the ratio is growing without showing any downfall. While mobile applications are increasing at fast paces, using outdated methodologies and trends to develop an app is the biggest mistake. In the era of 2020, where several innovative technologies are waiting to modernize the app development process, it has become essential to have insight into the latest mobile app development trends that certainly benefit your business. These are the top 10 tech trends in 2020 that you should know!

If you want to integrate these applications rightly, then it is high time to search for a software company in UAE, that can help you develop a solution by keeping in mind your business realities, budget limits and growing needs. By evaluating and analyzing everything, they customize the solution with the right choice of technology to put your brand first in the competition.

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