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The Top Mobile App Development Platforms in 2021

The number of mobile applications increases each year. Developers build applications regularly to meet the needs of organizations, website owners, and individuals.

It should come as no surprise that customers like interacting with mobile phone apps on their smartphones. With 4.6 billion mobile users, the need for these apps has grown as well. Developers work around the clock to build the next ground-breaking app or one-of-a-kind software for a particular industry or niche.

But is it easy to create an app? What techniques do developers use to create apps that appear both difficult and fascinating? Is it possible for someone with little ability to develop an app for their business?

Mobile App Platforms 

Creating an app no longer requires a competent individual. Platforms have been established to help developers accelerate their careers or those who do not have coding abilities.

Here are 10 of the most well-known mobile app platforms to try.


Appery is an application development platform that is suitable for both total beginners and experienced developers. This program works as a cloud-based system, so there is no need to download anything on your computer. It also enables real-time collaboration with team members or clients.

With minimal expertise, budding mobile app developers and designers may use their drag and drop capability to build their apps. It enables the development of native apps for users of Android, iOS, and Windows. Appery users may now develop online and hybrid apps for just any device.

Appery offers a guideline to help you develop an essential app if you are new to making mobile apps. However, if you want to add any sophisticated features, you need some coding expertise to assist you with this platform.

Their premium subscriptions start at $99 per month and enable the construction of three applications.


If you enjoy doing things yourself, Appy Pie is the perfect place to experiment with app development. Because it is a cloud-based application, similar to, real-time collaboration is allowed.

You can make a free app for your website, but you may charge a modest price if you want to create native apps. The following are some of the characteristics that users of this tool will appreciate:

  • Ads for monetization
  • Live analytics to check the app’s performance
  • Push notifications
  • GPS
  • Integration of social media
  • Multiple industry-related templates
  • Friendly customer service

Their base plan, which does not include any premium services, starts at $18 per month.


ShoutEm is an accessible platform that allows users to develop visually appealing apps. This application is well-known for its ability to create visually appealing templates for app development.

Developers can create apps with React Native code. Here are some of the features of this tool that you might wish to check out when creating an app.

  • Integration with Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, and more
  • Monetization with ads
  • Multiple designs or templates to choose from
  • Real-time updates

Their premium subscriptions start at $79 per month if you want to build apps for both Android and iOS.


This tool’s seamless and easy-to-use feature makes it one of the top mobile app platforms for programmers or newcomers.

AppMachine is a tool for users who wish to make developing an app as simple as possible. You may enter the URL of your website or information from your social network account, and it will display or suggest the content of the app you need to develop.

Following the content recommendation, users may now choose the style and typeface for their app.

This platform has the following features:

  • Ad support
  • Integration of social media
  • App testing
  • Real-time updates

Premium plans start at $49 per month.


A gaming application is one of the most widely used mobile applications on the market. It is a popular type of entertainment that many people enjoy. As a result, establishing one is a wise decision. GameSalad is a system that can aid you in creating a one-of-a-kind gaming application.

It’s a simple platform that doesn’t require any code or knowledge.

Images, characteristics, and sounds can all be used to add actors in scenarios. You may also get assistance from other app designers through their online community.

If you’re a seasoned app developer, you’ll be able to modify the options on this platform to your liking. GameSalad’s price starts at $17 per month.


If money isn’t an issue, Mobile Roadie can help you with your mobile application development.

Mobile Roadie has been one of the market’s most costly platforms. They are known to be utilized by industry heavyweights like Disney, Universal, and TED. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that the product is so costly.

Languages such as PHP, HTML, XML, JSON, and CSV are just a handful of the coding languages web designers and developers have at their disposal.

Other features of Mobile Roadie:

  • Multiple designs and templates
  • Integration of music player and social media
  • Push notification
  • Geo-targeting

Mobile Roadie’s lowest monthly pricing is $149. 


GoodBarber is a tool for developing Progressive Web Apps (PWA). You may, however, create applications for iOS and Android. This platform allows people with no coding knowledge to develop apps.

Features you might utilize with this tool:

  • Social networking
  • Push notification
  • Geofencing
  • Auto-updates
  • Multiple plugins available

GoodBarber has three price tiers, each with its own set of programs. 


Sencha is a technology that mobile app developers widely use. Sencha allows developers to design apps that are compatible with different devices. You may utilize HTML5 code and use a translation tool to convert it to iOS or Android.

There are built-in templates that do not necessitate any coding knowledge. App testing in Ext JS is feasible. Sencha provides a variety of packages.


Appcelerator allows you to create apps fast and efficiently. It accelerates the development of native apps. It is one of the most adaptable platforms for developers, allowing them to code in various languages like HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby to design apps that run on any device.

Appcelerator has a free plan, but premium plans, which start at $199 per month, are excellent if you use all of its capabilities.


BuildFire enables you to develop an application without the need for technical expertise. Users may create simple applications for their organizations or websites using the tools provided.

It features a plethora of customization choices, real-time modifications, a plethora of plugin possibilities, in-app subscriptions, and much more.

If you operate a small business, BuildFire is the ideal platform for developing your app. Its entry-level package starts at $89 per month.


These platforms are open to the public, and anybody may use them to create an application. Once upon a time, knowing coding was required, but that is no longer the case. These platforms may benefit businesses who want to develop an app to expand their customer base.

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