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Is WordPress the Perfect Choice For Your Website Or Blog?

WordPress has long been the first choice for building websites since 2008. What started as a blogging platform has evolved a lot in all these years. If you are planning to build a functional website or blog, and you are unsure about whether to pick WordPress or not for the best results, let us have a look below.

Design – You may not have to hire a designer if you are choosing WordPress as there are thousands of free and premium design templates. However, there is a possibility that the available templates fail to meet your exact business requirements. Ultimately, you will have to Hire WordPress Developer to get template customization.

Further, all hell will break loose if you end up selecting a template with too many functions. Your website will run terribly slow, and you know in an online world, a slow business website can seal your fate!

Performance – There is no dearth of plugins to add new functionalities to a WordPress website or blog. There is Jetpack, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Google XML Sitemaps, and many others to meet your needs. However, these plugins may stop working sometimes when you will upgrade your WordPress theme. In such a case, you may have to invest long hours to fix the problem.

The problem becomes worse if you have the habit of upgrading your WordPress Theme after every single upgrade because there is no dedicated technical maintenance team for users. It has also been a consistent target for hackers. WordPress has recently released a security update (4.2.2) to eliminate the detected security risks.

Community – WordPress boasts of a large community and it has proved extremely helpful in fixing problems encountered by its users all over the globe. Chances are high that you will not have to spend endless nights without sleep in case of any error. The community will always support you round the clock via chat, email etc.

However, the best part is that you can add new posts frequently without waiting for someone to do the job for you. The platform even allows you to post audio and video files in a hassle-free manner to keep your visitors engaged. In a business, where time is money, active engagement with your visitors or customers help a lot in building long lasting relationships and retaining the same. After all, WordPress power more than 75 million websites worldwide and this is not a small feat.

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