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How can Mobile CRM strategy give Businesses an Impetus?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management refers to the strategies, practices, and technologies that are used by business houses to manage and improve interactions with current and prospect customer for improving their businesses. This is done by compiling data from different communication channels like social media, telephone, company’s website, emails, live chats, and different marketing materials. Though CRM approach tells how best to cater the needs of the audience, it may sometimes lead to favoritism within an audience.

Moving on to a new avatar of traditional CRM – the Mobile CRM!

Today, companies need a solution that offers flexibility to combine mobile technology with remote workers to access real time information. This is true for, say, sales and service organizations, who are looking for mobile CRM to streamline their business process and enhance sales.

A CRM system helps the business in getting detailed information on consumer preferences, purchase history, buying preferences and concerns of the audience. Besides these, there are numerous advantages that CRM gives for businesses that are not so well-known. Most businesses fail to use CRM to its full potential, and so they look out for alternate solutions. However, there are few technologies that are as versatile as CRM when it comes to paying direct benefits to its users. This, when integrated with a mobile app, can effectively increase sales productivity. For instance, an active sales person can access the required details from his mobile instantly in real-time.  That is the concept of the Mobile CRM, a product of smart synergy of two wonderful technology areas!

Implementation of Mobile CRM in Business

Here are some of the features of SuiteCRM (Open source) mobile CRM app which can help business houses across domains and industries:

⮚ Flexibility

Mobile CRM brings the flexibility of being on top of latest information, as it provides access to all CRM data that the user is looking for. It can respond fast to a query and thus help to increase the sales and service numbers. With mobile CRM, the relevant information can be accessed anytime anywhere and the deal could be closed.

 ⮚ Increase productivity

All the interactions with the customers can be logged via the mobile to feed into the system, which can help in having instant access to the relevant customer data from the live ground. This can help in increase in the field agent’s productivity, due to data being accessible at the right time and place. No surprise then that 65% of mobile CRM users report an increase in their productivity quota.

 ⮚ Work from home

Mobile CRM allows the staff to work from home which can reduce the travel cost and help in proper space utilization in office, thus encouraging savings and sustainability. Working from remote locations is being encouraged by companies and so Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy is being implemented to promote remote work culture. Mobile CRM is the backbone for this culture to persist.

 ⮚ A better understanding of customer’s needs

Customer needs can be understood more clearly when all customer servicing agents and service staff is able to log on to the system from their smartphones. They can interact with customers based on deep insights of the customers’ history and preferences with SuiteCRM integration plugins and addon modules.

⮚ Synergy across all functions

Mobile CRM can help in increased productivity with fewer efforts. Whatever a business needs, mobile CRM can gain synergy across all departments such as sales, customer service, or customized integration.

⮚ Multiple devices, same service

Mobile CRM is not limited in its use to any particular device, but it can be accessed across the various devices in many formats and across many platforms. It works on all the latest smartphones and tablets, providing users the option of working anywhere and from any device.

⮚ Cheap and quick

Unlike expensive and time-consuming enterprise level on-premise software, mobile CRM is easy to install and configure, especially is it uses the cloud-based model. One setup can be deployed on many devices and it is easy to manage centrally in the form of regular update notifications across multiple users.

⮚ On the fly

Mobile CRM provides a competitive advantage to an enterprise as it allows powerful on-the-go capabilities like features for saving information such as files, videos, and pictures on the fly. It is also helpful in providing critical client notifications on the fly.

⮚ Seamless global outreach

Mobile CRM provides a global solution by combining CRM with all mobile networks fully supported globally including 4G, 3G, CDMA, GPRS, UMTS, and Wi-Fi and other communication technologies. The same seamless platform can be accessed from the business’s branches and agents from all over the world for a truly integrated seamless approach!

A final glance!

Mobile CRM is all about streamlining current process and improving customer relations on the go. How a business unit utilizes the available past data in the growth of the business leading to much satisfying experience is its own actual skill.

The selected Android and IOS based Mobile CRM App from Fynsis SuiteCRM Provider is easy to deploy and manage. The returns of the mobile business investment can be justified with the boost it brings in business. The benefits are tangible and intangible – improved working life, efficiency gains, employees no longer tied up in the office, cost savings, better time management, and enhanced sales experience.

To choose the best Mobile CRM, there is no right or wrong answer to which CRM software one should have. It depends on the unique needs of each business unit. To choose the perfect CRM, one should consider carefully one’s own requirements, easy deployment process, ease of use, and security. A comparison of available options should be used for effective evaluation to gain the desired levels of nimbleness, flexibility, and efficiency.

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