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4 Young Marketing Influencers You Can Learn From

Influencer marketing has created a rage in the advertising and marketing industry with increased sales, improved conversion, and engaged business. Whether a CEO, CMO, or entrepreneur; the easiest way to reach your respective organizational goal is to follow the most popular social media influencers.

Talking about the current scenario, social media has empowered the competitive ecosystem wherein brands can easily spread their messages to a large audience base with increased brand awareness. It is also said that around 70% of customers are strongly influenced by the reviews and recommendations of their respective peers. So, when these peers are tagged as influencers, the power automatically reaches a new scale of inspiration and empowerment. This is the reason why this type of marketing has exploded in recent years. However, when looking at the statistics, it is evident that amidst the popularly growing influencers, the younger ones are more in the limelight because they are known to be inspired by the latest trends and are known to create their own trends for others to follow.

Here are the top 4 young marketing influencers who can be an inspiration, from who you can learn a lot about marketing strategies and agendas.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul is an actor, a musician, and an American YouTuber with extensive coverage on social media channels. His popularity on social media channels started with the release of his music video “It’s Everyday Bro” on YouTube. That was certainly a turning point for him and since then there was no looking back in terms of popularity, followers, and subscribers.

Considering Jake’s prominence on social media in the present day, he has more than 11 million Instagram followers. In addition, he is popular as the most productive creator of YouTube with more than 17 million subscribers. Through this following, he has been successful in driving sales through content and used the same principle to leverage his own personal brand. He at a very young age has also displayed fruitful results in promoting the business of many other brands across various niches by using his network in a semi-organic manner.

Jonathan Foley

Jonathan Foley is the founder and CEO of a leading social media marketing consultancy, Wulf Marketing in Florida, with a strong online presence. He strongly feels that influencer marketing beholds the authority to drive sales and can deliver tremendous results when compared to traditional means of marketing. He also believes that when you learn how to find influencers in your niche, you are able to create a perfect audience base that can prove to be your potential customers. As per his understanding, this becomes possible because followers and subscribers love to listen to what influencers have to say and this turn dramatically improves the ROI.

Foley with a strong influence on many people is known to be the creator of popular Instagram accounts like @societyfeelings, @deep, and @positivity with more than 9 million followers. A young enthusiast uses a share-for-share marketing strategy to ensure that his content reaches the right target audience with an eye to leverage his network and gain exposure. What keeps him more focused is the driving impulse that stimulates his senses to run just the perfect campaign with clearly defined marketing goals.

Mari Smith

Mari Smith is popularly known as the ‘Queen of Facebook’ with more than 350,000 Facebook followers. She is meticulous about the way every piece of content is created and the way it is shared across various digital channels or social media platforms. Each and every piece of information she creates is a masterpiece that entertains and inspires her followers. She always works to push the boundaries of audience engagement to ensure a high level of success in your marketing campaign. For Mari, the success mantra was absolutely simple with the fact of letting the leads through improved engagement and then converting the same into paying customers.

Her thoughts, her style, and the strategies she used to follow for influencer marketing also gave her the acclamation of being one of the best social media influencers across the world by Forbes. In all her campaigns she adopts an authentic approach for marketing social media channels.

Tiffany Zhong

Tiffany Zhong, another young influencer who has taken the competitive ecosystem to a completely new dimension. He is the founder of Zebra Intelligence with a very large and strong network of influencers and experts from various niches. Zebra Intelligence is a renowned venture that acts as a bridge between teens and brands with a view to improve brand profiles. The main motive in all marketing campaigns is to attract Gen-Z customers through expertise in designing and executing effective marketing strategies.

Tiffany follows the concept of iterating the products and services with a view to keep testing, changing, reviewing, and optimizing each and every campaign for assured success. Special focus on authenticity and honesty also play their distinctive roles in advertising and marketing. Tiffany a young influencer entrepreneurs look at constantly targets the young demographics for improved awareness and recognition.


These are just the 4 names in the list of young, dynamic, and successful influencers. However, there are many more top names with their own prominence in the industry. Each one of them has a unique style and pattern of promotion. Having a glance on the top names of young influencers, it is evident that the youth itself is a new-age trend when it comes to displaying effective marketing results.

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