Software Development

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

1.Requirement gathering and analysis:

This is where the functional expert will request client to explain the business processes in detail. This helps the functional expert / Business Analyst to prepare a feature list that can be shared with the development team for custom software development.

2.System analysis:

The solution analyst and custom software developers will look into the defined business processes and a milestone chart will be prepared which categorizes the software into smaller chunks for developers, designers, testers with the help of the logical design prepared by system analysts.


A team of programmers work on the coding and each developer will work on the scheduled tasks depending on the skill set of the individual for completing the custom solution development.


Quality analysts test the software for bug related issues with manual and automated testing tools. After the QA team has reviewed the software, it will move to the implementation stage.


After the software is tested for bugs, it is ready to be implemented in the client’s server. All data is migrated from the development server to the client’s ‘live’ server.

Maintenance & Support:
Our team provides maintenance and support for the software as per agreement with the client.

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