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Magneto development solutions that start at $15 an hour, XHTMLJUNKIES is the kind of Magneto development provider that you’ll grow to love. Our ideal project is one that’s looking to see expansion, something every single business is in need of. You always need to expand, and if you want to be successful Magneto is the key to doing so. We’ll help you manage your Magneto needs no matter how large (or small) they happen to be, so contact us and let us know about your Magneto needs today. We’ve got a business analyst on our budget that will take a look at your business personally, and from there they’ll define what approach you should take (in their professional opinion, of course). This information should help you with the web development process. If you want a professional touch then you’re going to need someone like XHTMLJUNKIES, especially since you can’t argue with the rates we have to offer.

If you’ve got a .PSD file that you want turned into a Magneto project, we’ll manage it. 3rd party solutions are easily integrated through the use of our service, and we can easily add products or customer data to the site. If you’ve got any existing websites that are currently under your care, you can transfer all of the data onto your new platform without having to worry. There’s going to be ongoing support for the Magneto features we implement, which means as time goes on your site is only going to get better. XHTMLJUNIES is the go-to provider of all Magneto development needs, just come and see for yourself!

We are eager to know about your Magento requirements. Contact us NOW!


  • Business Requirement Gathering

    A Business Analyst will understand your functional business need in detail. It is an exhaustive process of analyzing, defining and documenting requirements related to specific business objectives that you envisage as a part of the website design and development. Our Experience magento developer would be part of analyzing.

  • Solution Recommendation with time and cost estimation

    This stage involves a Technical Expert along with a Business Analyst who will recommend most appropriate solution for your business based on the functional and technical specifications. Our team will conduct a feasibility study and share the time and cost estimate with you for your approval. After your approval, we will initiate the project on the next business day.

  • Design Store

    With the detail requirement document in hand, the Project Manager will discuss your project requirement with a qualified team of web developers and designers. We will design store layout which is is very important to get adequate online conversion. We can help you out for psd to magento responsive conversation.

  • Design Implementation

    We will implement design by setting up standard features including payment gateway integration and shipping integration.

  • Business Logic Implementation

    We will customize business logic in the website so that the customer seamlessly goes from one page to the next. This will also maximize conversion prospects for your website.

  • 3rd Party Solution Integration

    We will integrate 3rd party software such as Accounting,Customer Relationship Management, inventory Management etc, as per your business requirement. You can purchase our magento extension from our store. We can also help you to out with custom magento extension development

  • Data Import

    We will add products and customer data to the website. If client has an existing website we will migrate data from existing to the ‘live’ site.

  • Solution Deployment

    With the QC team’s approval and client’s confirmation that the project has been delivered as per expectation, we will deploy the website on client’s hosting environment.

  • Maintenance and Support

    We will give ongoing support for future enhancement in site features and performance as per the scope of the contract. You can also purchase magento maintenance plan from our website.


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