• Manage the entire CRM lifecycle from prospecting to closing a deal with CRM tools and reports that assist in identifying future revenue opportunities.
  • Customer profile history with the ability to share information along with incident resolution data, case studies and FAQs.
  • Proactive reporting will enhance your team’s ability to meet business targets consistently.
  • You can manage sales appointments and access information across mobile devices.
  • Map customers and leads with specific campaigns that optimize your sales and boost revenue.
  • With real time update to customer service metrics through dashboards and reports, managers can analyze customer service data to identify areas for improvement.
  • Configurable dashboards allow you to setup and modify key performance indicators to display in formats of your choice.
  • Every interaction over phone, email or web is followed up by tracking case assignments and escalations to ensure all customer issues are resolved.

What Our Client Says

This company and their specialists did a very good job. Really exceeding my expectations! They have a broad knowledge and skills and work very fast. And the prices and communication are very good. We definitely will work with them on our coming projects and we recommend them to all who expects a very high quality in their projects.

Richenel van ’t Kruys

I had the pleasure of working with a true professional, Santosh Yadav. He was my main contact during the rebuilding process and he delivered everything he said he would and when he said he would. It was a breath of fresh air working with such a great team that was lead by Santosh. I would highly recommend him and his team of dedicated webmasters.

Chuck McLaughlin

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